VersoVision Fall Detection
Smart Care
for hospitals and nursing homes

Verso Vision solution results in a middle-size hospital (225 patient beds):

Decreases patient falls by -50%
Automatically detects 400 falls / year for fast help
Experience over
4 Million hours of active patient surveillance in hospital production use

Turvallisuutta ja enemmän aikaa hoitotyöhön
Verso Vision for Hospitals

Fall management and prevention of accidents (alert of rising up from the bed, alert of exiting the room)

  • Automatically generated alert for help when needed, especially in single rooms
  • Safety feeling experienced by the patient, easiness and pleasantness of use for the patient
  • No wearable devices for the patient, totally unnoticeable for the patient

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Verso Vision for assisted living

The solution for assisted living alerts to the nurse call system

  • Falling of residents
  • Rising up from the bed
  • Immobility
  • Exits from the room or from the permissible space
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Verso Vision for home care

Home care service and remote monitoring solutions alerts to the safety system

  • Falling of residents
  • Seizures
  • Exiting from the apartment with a time limit or without
  • Deviations from the circadian rhythm, such as moving at night
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Verso Vision in hospital patient rooms

Espoo New Hospital near Helsinki Finland took Verso Vision Fall Prevention in their Patient Rooms

“The fall prevention system deployment project at Espoo Hospital was a challenging new product launch.  The supplier Verso Vision displayed flexibility, commitment and professionalism in the project delivery. Thank you for a good job.”

The global machine vision company Procemex has developed new technology for human activity detection in hospital treatment rooms. Verso Vision identifies for instance falls and wandering patients, and alerts these signals to the nurse call system.  In addition, Verso Vision identifies if a risk patient rises from the bed and alerts these incidents thus preventing falls.

Verso Vision video analytics technology can be used - in addition to hospitals - also in assisted living centers and in home care. Apart from healthcare, various fields of industry and safety services can also utilize Verso Vision Human Detection Technology.


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Verso Vision technology
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Verso Vision technology is based on automatic video analytics and machine learning. It is also possible to include in Verso Vision other sensor technology, such as sound analysis. Verso Vision has versatile deployment possibilities to different applications in various fields of operation.

Verso Vision monitors

Verso Vision automatically analyses visible human actions in video signal:

  • What is a person doing or how is a crowd acting?
  • How and where to people are moving?
  • Is the action safe and desirable / allowed?
  • Is the person ok or are there any visible warning signals?

24/7 remote eyes

Verso Vision takes care of routine surveillance of the monitored space and persons 24/7 and reacts and alerts when necessary.


There are no wearable devices or visible sensors.

Privacy Level

Verso Vision analyses situations and spaces automatically without anyone personally watching the video image. Privacy status can be adjusted, and remote monitoring can be brought into use if needed.

Verso Vision Fall Prevention and Patients' Safety in Hospitals.

  • The patient gets automatically help when needed.
  • Verso Vision shows signs that precede accidents, such as falling, and makes it possible to get quick help.
  • Shortens hospital treatment periods.
  • Completely unnoticeable to the patient. No wearable or visible sensors or devices.
  • Privacy and remote monitoring levels can be adjusted as necessary.
  • Saves and focuses nurse resources.
  • The system can be integrated to nurse call system.
  • Easy to carry out and more reliable system to identify human actions and motions than sensor technology based traditional systems.
  • Program and its versatile functions can be developed and adjusted at a later stage if the Verso Vision user faces increasing needs or the needs change only by updating the program.

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Verso Vision Fall Prevention Benefits
  • 24/7 remote eyes: Verso Vision takes care of the routine surveillance of monitored spaces and persons 24/7, and reacts and alerts when needed.
  • Unnoticeable: No wearable devices or visible sensors.
  • Privacy level: Verso Vision analyses situations and spaces automatically without anyone personally monitoring the video image. The level of privacy can be adjusted and remote monitoring can be brought into use if needed.
Verso Vision fall detection solution video preview
Verso Vision Fall Prevention Solution

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Verso Vision delivers solutions based on video analytics

Verso Vision delivers software and solutions based on video analytics and artificial intelligence for healthcare, various fields of industry and safety services. Our solutions identify and monitor actions and motions of patients, residents or customers. If needed, an alarm is sent to a safety system.

Verso Vision – Smart Vision for Human Activity is a part of the machine vision company Procemex. Procemex is one of the leading global machine vision solution providers.

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